Tapestry Le Goût - Dame à la Licorne, Tapisserie Jules Pansu

"Point d'Halluin" weave - Tapisserie Jules Pansu - Medieval tapestries

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The Taste is the central element of the Lady with the Unicorn series, and is also the most harmonious.

The composition is based on the principle of inverted perspective. The two shafts encourage the viewer to focus on the centre of the work. This effect is also reinforced by the two trees at the ends.

A real work on the sensation of depth is real on this hanging at the level of the planes: the unicorn and the lion are in the first, the next in the second and the Lady in the third.

Unlike other tapestries of the Lady of the Unicorn, it is not the Lady who gives us the meaning of the Taste. Instead, it is the monkey at her feet who is carrying a delicacy in his mouth. A treat that he has stolen.

The young woman simply takes a sweet from the cup held out by the next one. The parakeet on her hand is enjoying one of them.

In this tapestry, unlike other works, there is no obvious contrast between the next woman's outfit and that of the Lady. This is a specificity of the tapestry representing taste. Both have a dress that catches the light and a gold band to hold their hair.

This tapestry is woven on a Jacquard loom, in France, with the Point d'Halluin, which gives this tapestry a very fine quality of execution. And like all the tapestries on this site, a certificate of authenticity is attached to the back of the tapestry.

The tapestries of more than 130 cm are made of 74% wool. 59% wool for the 90 x 120 cm tapestry.

Weaving with ""Point d'Halluin" weave" - 74 % laine, 13 % coton, 10 % viscose, 3 % polyester


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    Lady of the Unicorn - Le Toucher - point d'Halluin

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     tapestry Pansu

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    180 x 240cm2950,83€
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Dame à la licorne. Thème du goût .

La visite du site m’a laissé une bonne impression quant à la qualité des produits proposés.
La réception de l’article commandé a confirmé au delà de mes espérances , cette impression.
C’est vraiment beau ! De plus , la commande a été traitée rapidement. Merci à l’équipe de tapisseries de Flandres.

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      Tapestry Le Goût - Dame à la Licorne

      Tapestry Le Goût - Dame à la Licorne

       Tapestry at Point d'Halluin.

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