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    If you ask anyone to evoke one famous painter, Pablo Picasso is probably the name you’ll hear the most. The Spanish artist isn’t just one of the most influential creative forces of the 20th century, he’s also one of the most fascinating.

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    Pablo Picasso: the genius out of the bottle

    He was among the first European artists to find inspiration in African arts, and the co-creator of the Cubist movement, an abstract style that would challenge the canons of arts in the 1910s. Instead of trying to reproduce reality, Cubism gave it a more personal point of view, allowing time to dissolve around its subjects and offering different perspectives all at once. Today, Picasso’s images are part of the cultural landscape: his career spanned more than 70 years, and he left thousands of works behind him. His pictures are always thought-provoking, whether intimate –like his many portraits of women– or political, such as the stunning Guernica, a somber depiction of the Spanish Civil War.

    Let our Picasso pillows bring you some comfort

    Whether you like to have original cushions in your living-room, or lay your head on a firm, square-shaped pillow at night, our Picasso collection is for you. It was designed in close collaboration with the Picasso estate, who gave us permission to use some of the master’s loveliest paintings. Many are portraits of Picasso’s numerous muses: always colorful, as if looking at you with a glimpse of amusement in the eyes. La femme au chapeau, an avant-garde picture from 1935, looks like it’s straight off a modern children’s book. And speaking of modernity, how about a unicorn? You’ll find a funny one on La ceinture jaune! You can also enjoy a view on the sea with Les colombes! As you can see, we chose warm and comforting subjects, in order to bring you the smoothest cushion experience.

    Tapisseries de Flandres : expert craftmanship from France

    By working with the Picasso estate, we pledged ourselves to maintain the master’s standards, which are in line with ours when it comes to textile works. All our pillowcases are made in France, near Lille in the Flanders: the region has a long-lasting tradition of textile design, and we pride ourselves in working with experienced craftsmen, whose savoir-faire is the product of centuries. Our pillow cases come in two formats: 45x45 and 60x60. They’re made of cotton and polyester, equipped with a zipper and easy to wash. And to make your life easier, you can also get the assorted cushion from our online store. Without a doubt, a Picasso design cushion will bring some life in your living space.
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