Bayeux tapestry

The story of the Bayeux tapestry

The Bayeux Tapestry represents one of the most famous tapestries of the Art of Tapestry. Also called the "tapestry of the Queen Mathilde", the tapestry of Bayeux was certainly commissioned in the eleventh century by the half-brother of William the Conqueror in embroidery. Originally, this long tapestry was intended to "dress" the cathedral of Bayeux. Unique, this wall hanging is 70 meters long and 50 cm high! She is a woolen embroidery made on strips of linen. This tapestry was made in a single workshop in England. It is the style of the tapestry that would suggest that this embroidery was woven in one place. This work illustrates Harold's perjury and the conquest of William the Conqueror for the throne of England. There are also bands at the top and bottom of the main drawing presenting mythological scenes of everyday life and animals. Under the upper frieze is also inscribed a Latin legend commenting on certain actions presented on the embroidery. Contrary to a legend that has endured, Queen Mathilde, the wife of William, would have had no part in the design or execution of this tapestry. To this day, the Bayeux tapestry appears as a unique and astonishing work of art. Since the 18th century, more than 500 publications have been devoted to it. It has an invaluable documentary value illustrating all aspects of the life of this era (the eleventh century): military history, naval history, society and the functioning of powers, the presence of the Church, life in the daily. This is the Bayeux museum where you can find this original tapestry 70 meters where a room was dedicated to him. And to understand more about this tapestry, the latter was cut out by scene to comment on each part of the tapestry. Some manufactories of flanders have reproduced scenes of this embroidery. These tapestries resume with finesse all the details of this tapestry. They are woven (the threads intertwine) and not printed. The tapestries are delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity that guarantee quality and French manufacture.

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Discover below the representations of the Bayeux embroidery:

- the departure of the fleet where Guillaume prepares his fleet in order to leave Normandy to conquer England.

Tapisserie de Bayeux - départ de la flotte

- embarkation, departure of Harold for Normandy.Tapisserie de Bayeux - l'embarquement

- William the Conqueror, a tapestry woven in Point des Meurins, by the Pansu manufacture


- Embarkation of the fleet of William the Conqueror, a tapestry designed in the workshops of Jules Pansu


Discover some decorative items from the Bayeux tapestry.


Set of 4 cushions


Plaid, Bayeux