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Crayes' tapisseries

The company Craye was built in 1914 in Roubaix in which tablecloths and curtains were made. This factory was created by the sons of Israel Jean-Baptiste Craye, a textile apprentice at the origin of the manufacture of these products.

It was in the 1960s that the company Craye specialized in the reproduction of tapestries Jacquard fabric. Subsequently, this factory joined forces with other textile companies to form the Metrax - Craye group and make mainly medieval tapestries and accessories (cushions, handbags, etc.).

Today, the factory is located in the flanders in Belgium, between Ghent and Bruges. Craye ensures the quality of its products by selecting only the best yarns, mainly from France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Find below the models of wall tapestry proposed by Metrax-Craye.

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