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  • Tapestries

    Long used as a decorative element inside castles, churches and homes of the gentry and the bourgeoisie, wall tapestry forms part of the French culture, particularly in the Flanders region. It is still very much alive in France’s art heritage, through original works exhibited in museums or through reproductions of major artworks from various time periods intended for enthusiasts and the interior design market.

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    A piece of a rich artistic legacy through wall tapestry

    In fact, as time went by, wall tapestry progressively gained in popularity and can now be found inside a lot of classic and contemporary styled homes as an ornamental complement to their design theme. Nowadays, several manufacturing techniques, some of which date back to medieval times, are still in use. For example, a lot of us, enthusiasts here and abroad, still greatly appreciate the wall hangings manufactured in the Jacquard tradition, a weaving method developed in the early 19th century

    A selection of various medieval, baroque, contemporary artworks and many more

    The collection composed by Tapisseries de Flandres is made up of multiple tapestries inspired from or faithfully reproducing the works of several renowned artists who greatly contributed to their respective art era and movement. Brueghel, Morris, Klimt, Mucha, Cézanne, Monet, Doyen, Van Gogh, Burne-Jones, Boucher, Renoir, Trayer, Delaunay, Guillermot, Kandinsky, Miró and Picasso are among the famous painters whose compositions are highlighted by the different wall hangings available throughout the numerous collections presented here. Each of these collections focuses on a common theme of the multiple artworks made available: floral and bouquets, castles and landscapes, history and legends, medieval and unicorns, exoticism… Moreover, a wall tapestry weaved on Jacquard looms can be found here in different sizes and in different weaves types: "Point Jacquard", "Point de Gobelins", "Point de Flandres", "Point d'Halluin", "Point de France" or "Point de Loiselles".


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