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William Morris tapestries 

William Morris tapestries: bring nature back within your walls

In the 19th century, Europe experienced swift changes: mass production and factories replaced traditional crafts, while urbanization modified both landscapes and household objects, giving birth to less contemplative forms of art. In the 1850s, a group of British intellectuals took a stand: ancestral techniques had to be preserved, and quality could only come of craftsmen who were proud of their creations.

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This line of thoughts gave birth to Art and Craft, an aesthetic movement inspired by pre-Renaissance works, which would eventually evolve into Art Nouveau. One of its leaders, William Morris, was a versatile man: a painter, but also a textile designer, an interior decorator, a writer, a poet, an architect, a publisher and a political activist. Passionate about decorative arts, he founded Morris & Co, a company whose focus was textile creations. Among the master’s most famous works, the William Morris Tree of Life tapestry and the William Morris Lion tapestry particularly stand out.

William Morris tapestries: give your home some colors!

William Morris woven hangings and tapestries are rich in floral and lively motifs: the finesse of the finishes will amaze you, and your children will scrutinize them for hours! According to Morris, tapestry was no less than the noblest of all weaving arts! From that alone, one can imagine the care he put in his works. He notably paid attention to volumes, in order to give an illusion of depth. He depicted trees, leaves and animals, including many birds. Some pictures have a captivating presence, unveiling the atmosphere of some enchanted forest. Other patterns are soberer, blend in while maintaining an astounding sense of details. What makes a William Morris tapestry so unique is that it’s not based on a painting or drawing: it was designed for textile! And now, it can be yours!

Tapisseries de Flandres : a tested tradition of excellence

William Morris is a major British artist. By reproducing his works, we follow a tradition that he has largely contributed to preserve, one that respects individual skills. We like to think that he would be proud of our work. This is why all our tapestries are made in France by skilled craftsmen, using the famous Jacquard process. Thanks to a strict protocol, meticulous care is given to each aspect of the tapestries’ production. Our looms are located in Flanders, nearby Lille, and we exclusively work with the most respected and experienced manufacturers. This area has a long history of excellence in the realm of French textile arts, and the product’s origin is guaranteed by a certificate of authenticity. And while our William Morris wall tapestries are delicate, they’re easy to clean: a vacuum cleaner will do the trick!