Klimt - The Kiss, Tapisserie Metrax / Craye

"Point Jacquard" weave - Tapisserie Metrax / Craye - XX century - Contemporary tapissery


The Kiss is the famous painting of the Austrian artist Gustave Klimt (1862). The lovers are represented in full force and sensuality, which give an extraordinary presence. The tapestry is made of gold threads which emphasize a strong light.

She is a very beautiful reproduction of this work by Gustave Klimt. It is woven on Jacquard looms by a Belgian manufacturer.

Weaving with ""Point Jacquard" weave" - 91% Viscose, 7% Polyester, 2% Polyamide

Available sizes

90 x 67cm240,83 €
144 x 100cm575,00 €
190 x 140cm825,00 €



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