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The set of five tapestries representing the senses is completed by this piece : To My Only Desire. The young lady not only refuses jewels presented to her by her maidservant, but even puts away her necklace in the jewel box. This scene may show the renunciation of the pleasure of the senses. The tapestry was woven according to characteristic models of Parisian Art, at the end of the XVth century. It is in the national museum of the Middle Ages, Cluny Museum, in Paris.

A Mon Seul Désir represents the last piece of the six hangings of the Lady of the Unicorn.

Indeed, this work of art, "The Lady with the Unicorn", is a constitution of six hangings dating from the beginning of the French Renaissance which would evoke an allegory of the five senses and of desire.

The evocation of the five senses represented by this work is enriched by the representation, on the last hanging A Mon Seul Désir, of the refusal of the jewels, which testifies to the moral strength of the Lady, able to master the power of her senses.

The original tapestry was woven according to models characteristic of an important trend in Parisian art at the end of the 15th century. This large tapestry can be seen today in the National Museum of the Middle Ages at the Hôtel de Cluny in Paris.

The tapestry "A mon seul désir", shown below, remains the most famous Unicorn Lady tapestry, even if the Unicorn tapestry is also of great interest to Unicorn enthusiasts!

Do not hesitate to consult our page on the history of the Lady of the Unicorn, to know more about this work and the tapestries.

Weaving with ""Point de Flandres" weave" - 50% wool - 40% cotton

An unique konw-how

All the collection of medieval tapestries of the Lady of the Unicorn is delivered with the Certificate of Authenticity (stuck on the back of the tapestry).

This certificate guarantees QUALITY and ORIGIN of French manufacture. The making and weaving are done in Flanders, in Lille metropolis.

And for a better rendering and a top-of-the-range quality, the tapestries are manufactured in the rules of the Art of the JACQUARD process, i.e. meshing of warp and weft threads. (Find more information in the "technique" section)

Thousands of threads of different colours give life to these tapestries of exceptional quality.

Our tapestries are not printed or flocked, they are woven.

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C’est le désir la chaleur la belle époque
Merci de continuer avec ce magnifique travail

    Verified Purchaser

    Enfin la Dame nous visite

    Merci et nous croyons que cette tapisserie a trouver sa place chez nous :-)


      très satisfait

      Sommes très satisfaits de votre belle tapisserie.



        Je l'ai acheté en 2002 pour ma femme. Je suis si heureux de trouver que Dynamexpo est toujours en activité parce que je vais acheter une autre



          Achetée pour un cadeau d'anniversaire, cette tapisserie a eu le succès attendu. Très belle finesse du point, couleurs harmonieuses, elle rentre parfaitement dans le décor et se regarde inlassablement. Merci pour ce magnifique travail

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            A mon seul Desir tapestry

            A mon seul Desir tapestry

            Wall tapestry A Mon Seul Désir

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