The dream, Picasso's tapestry, Tapisserie Jules Pansu

"Point Jacquard" weave - Tapisserie Jules Pansu - XX century - Contemporary tapissery


Very nice reproduction of the painting "Le Rêve" by Picasso. Painted in 1932, this canvas represents the portrait of Marie-Thérèse, Picasso's new companion, after his separation from his wife Olga.

All in curves and curves, Marie-Thérèse unfolds under soft and feminine lines. As the name of the painting suggests, she is dreaming. Head tilted, she takes support on her slightly raised shoulder and leaves, on the opposite side, her throat free and conducive to kisses. His body is relaxed and half uncovered.

This canvas is dotted with bright colors. Red, green and yellow dominate in a harmonious confrontation. As for the complementary colors, they give relief to the entire work.

This tapestry is a perfect representation of this painting. Made in a factory in northern France in collaboration with the rights holders of the painters, this tapestry closely respects the drawing and the original colors of the painting. We find the effect of painting and the "stroke" of the brush by the effects of armor and weft. This success was possible thanks, among other things, to the workers of the factory, elected best workers in France.

Weaving with ""Point Jacquard" weave" - 75% coton, 25% polyester

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120 x 90cm1 069,17 €



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Une merveille !

Achetée il y a 2 ans, je la contemple toujours avec bonheur et admiration . Admiration du génie Picasso, bien sûr, mais aussi du savoir faire des maîtres tapissiers de l'atelier Jules Pansu.

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      The dream, Picasso's tapestry

      The dream, Picasso's tapestry

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